Date Announcement

Exam 2 will be held on Friday, October 27 in BST-South Room S100. This is the large room directly in the back of the large lobby connecting the Biomedical Science Towers.

The Exam covers the Cardiovascular 4-6 and Respiratory lectures.

Dr. Yates will provide a review session for the exam after class on Monday, October 23

The TAS will provide a review session for the exam after class on Wednesday, October 25


Renal 1 materials are now posted. Direct links to the files are below:


Answers to Tophat Homework due on October 16 are available at this link.

Note that additional questions due this Friday (October 20) are now posted.


Unfortunately, during the Exam discussion section today it became clear that some of the questions were inaccurately graded. Please return your exams so the grading can be corrected.

I am very sorry that these problems occurred during the grading of Exam 1, and I will strive to assure that such problems do not reoccur.

10-Sep In addition to watching video podcasts online via My PITT Video, you can download them to your computer or device. All the video podcasts are accessible in this shared folder, and links are also available on the Lectures Page.