Use of Tophat in Class

During most lectures, understanding of concepts will be gaged using Tophat, a system that allows students to record their responses to questions posed in class or as assignments. During most weeks, question sets will also be posted to allow students to test their knowledge.

Grading of Tophat Interaction

Each student's participation using Tophat will constitute 5% of their grade. A student who earns at least 75% of possible "Tophat points" will receive this 5% course credit.

Enrolling in Tophat

Each student will need to purchase a Tophat account, which can be used in any course. There are one-term and lifetime subscription options.

To connect with the course, use Join Code 013208.

You can provide feedback to Tophat using any mobile device running iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android, or via SMS text message.

Detailed tutorials on the use of Tophat are available.

Tophat Support

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