Date Announcement

All students should have received their final scoresheet by private email. If you did not receive your copy, please let me know.

Information about the Final Exam is available from these links:

You may arrange a time to visit my office in 2018 to retrieve the Final Exam, or any other exams you did not collect previously.


Are you interested in being an undergraduate TA (for course credit) or paid instructor for the course in Fall, 2018?

If so, please complete the TA / Instructor Self-Nomination Form. Only students who earn an A grade in the class will be selected as TAs. If there are more applicants than available positions, the students with the highest final scores will be selected.

The course will be held at the same time (and presumably the same place) as this year.

PLEASE NOTE: paid instructors must have graduated from the University prior to the start of the course next Fall.