Date Announcement

Final Course Grades

Final grading sheets for each student are available at this link.

Final grades were based on the percentage of points earned in the class, as indicated below.

Final grades will be posted when the course management program runs on Monday.

Percentage Points Grade
≥80% A+
68-79% A
65-67% A-
63-64% B+
52-62% B
50-51% B-
<50% C



Final Exam Information

The key for the final exam is available from this link.

Final grading sheets for each student are avaliable from this link.

The mean score was 65, and the standard deviation was 14.


We Are Recruiting TAs and Instructors for 2017!

We are now recruiting TAs and Instructors for the class next Fall, which wil be offered on the same dates and times as the current class.

Undergraduate TAs are responsible for running PBL sessions, and will receive course credit.

Instructors must have already obtained an undergraduate degree before next Fall (post-graduate), and will aid in grading exams. Instructors are paid for their efforts.

If you are interested in serving as a TA or instructor, please complete this form.

TAs and instructors are chosen based on course performance, and you will be informed by January whether you have been selected.