Date Announcement

Welcome to Human Physiology

This website has been updated for the Fall, 2017 course.

Information for each lecture (including notes, PowerPoint presentations, and ancillary reading) is available on the lectures page. You may also download the notes for the course as a packet. This may be helpful if you prefer a printed copy of the lecture notes, and have access to cheap printing over the summer.

The lecture note packet can be downloaded from either of the following links:

There are two required textbooks for the class, as indicated on the Textbook Info page. Note that the textbook "Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Immunology" won't be used until the second half of the class, so you can postpone buying it. We will also be using Tophat in the course, and you should purchase a subscription if you don't already have one.

New to the course this year are some Neurophysiology modules to provide background on topics covered in prerequisites for the course, such as membrane potentials, action potentials, neurotransmitters, and synaptic transmission. These modules should be completed by the third week of the course, but if you are inclined you can get started this summer.

You are welcome to contact Dr. Yates at any time with questions.