Date Announcement
16-Sep The first Tophat homework questions have been posted. Your answers should be submitted by Friday, September 22. You will receive 1 pt per question for attempting to answer, and 1 pt for the correct answer. An answer key will be posted after the exercise is due. Note that another set of questions will be posted this week to be completed by next Wednesday, to help you prepare for Exam 1.
16-Sep A gradesheet has been posted indicating each student's points from the neurophysiology modules. Everyone received full points (15), which is 3% of the grade in the course (500 points total: 400 from exams, 60 from PBLs, 25 from Tophat, 15 from modules). For anonymity, the scoresheets are sorted by Peopelesoft number. This gradesheet will be updated through the course so you are always aware of your performance relative to the class.
10-Sep In addition to watching video podcasts online via My PITT Video, you can download them to your computer or device. All the video podcasts are accesible in this shared folder, and links are also available on the Lectures Page.